reading stuff on computers

i’ve been feeling pretty unsatisfied scrolling into oblivion on twitter, reddit, etc. on my phone and am experimenting with a different reading workflow:

  • i subscribe to RSS feeds using NetNewsWire on my mac and iphone. what a gift to have a high quality mac RSS reader that is also FOSS[^1]
  • use mailbrew to turn my twitter timeline into a daily email, and convert this into an rss feed using kill-the-newsletter. it feels like old timey twitter: a chronological list of tweets from people i follow. no ads, retweets, videos, etc. still trying to figure out the whole twitter-to-rss thing but i all roads unfortunately lead to “make your own twitter client”
  • share articles i want to read later with pocket. pocket is cool because it is also installed on my kobo ebook reader[^2]. perfect for long blog posts and articles. i can use the “share” feature built into apple stuff to pipe stuff into pocket.

this lets me read web content on the glorious e-ink display when the timing is right. or do a finite scroll on my laptop or phone when i am looking for a distraction. i can avoid keeping the social media apps on my phone

and still keep up with what people are talking about.

photograph of a kobo ebook reader on a table next to a bowl of kettle corn. a blog post titled "Why do domain names sometimes end with a dot?" by Julia Evans is displayed on the ebook reader

my favourite part of this is getting to the finish line: everything can be marked as read and i can be think about what i want to do.

[^1]: i made a feature request in their github repo and less than 24 hours later Maurice Parker implemented it! this… is not what i expected from a 20 year old software project.

[^2]: one feature omission is that kobo on the ebook reader will not load saved PDFs – some sort of anti piracy thing? or maybe just a feature that didn’t make it in?

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