mac apps i use 2022

writing this down, mostly so i can look back on it in a few years and see how things changed.

  • vscode
    • using this with the basic vim plugin. attempted to use the neovim plugin that runs nvim proper within vscode but it wasn’t stable. maybe i’d try that again at some point. i frequently run into problems with undo breaking, and writing rust in it is real bad compared to the very good typescript support.
  • logseq
    • this is where i’m writing now. it’s probably the most slow and buggy piece of software i use and also the one i enjoy the most. generally i hope to see more high quality graph based tools.
  • arc (web browser)
    • i only started using this yesterday but it gave me the same feeling as using firefox and discovering tabs for the first time in like 2006. it’s been a long time since i’ve been excited about a browser. this is a VC backed startup so i will not get too attached, but i hope this browser has a good future and i’ll enjoy it today. annoyingly you need an invite to install it, i found mine on their discord, and my invite link is here for anyone to use. i have stopped using arc, i did not really like how stateful it felt – preferring to simply close all my tabs easily and starting fresh often. i’m back using chrome, and really leaning into its PWA / shortcut features which let me treat websites as mac apps
  • bitwarden
    • i was a bit worried moving off 1password was going to be a downgrade but turns out i like a lot of things about bitwarden more. its browser extensions haven’t failed me once, which is a huge relief after using the crappy 1password ones that seem to always throw their hands in the air “oh i can’t find the desktop app” “oh i don’t trust this browser” etc. bitwarden feels more responsive too, there are not superfluous animations or awkward delays. i was motivated to make the change because i’m able to decide where the data is kept and knowing that 1password 8 was looming over me yanking out the icloud sync and forcing me to put my data on their cloud. no!
  • netnewswire
    • i’m surprised, grateful and pleased to have such a nice mac app that’s created and maintained by volunteers, and is generally promoting other rss apps on their blog. i currently sync my feeds between phone and computer using their icloud feature, but might consider self hosting FreshRSS given icloud is not something i want to bolt too much onto.
  • cron
    • lovely responsive calendar with good UI, great notifications and a nice thing that helps me schedule stuff with people. not sure how they make money, VC backed, etc, will see how that goes.
  • omnifocus
    • haven’t done a good job of keeping this thing tidy but that’s almost a charming part of it. just a great list of lists that’s either helpful and amusing to see what i cared about at some point in the past.
  • mail (apple)
    • hell yeah. it’s reliable and works well with fastmail. satisfice.
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